In Australia, a growing number of older structures are being heritage listed. It has been predicted that an additional 5,000 places will be protected under heritage regulations across Australia by 2025. This poses a significant challenge for design and construction professionals, who must ensure that heritage-listed buildings comply with the increasingly stringent performance requirements under the National Construction Code (NCC) without compromising their historical values.

Making the old new again: Achieving fire performance in heritage projects examines the challenges faced by practitioners when upgrading heritage buildings to meet modern standards for fire protection and structural performance. We discuss the importance of fire protection in the context of heritage buildings. This is followed by a summary of the relevant fire protection requirements under the NCC and the Australian Standards governing fire protection systems. Intumescent fire protection systems are discussed as a high performance solution ideal for heritage projects. Finally, we present an internationally-recognised solution that is synonymous with the best structural steel fire protection coatings technologies available today.

For years, Permax has led the Australian market in high performance, reliable and compliant fire protection systems and fire-retardant paint. Favoured by builders, engineers and architects alike, Permax offers a carefully curated range of high performance fire protection solutions that respond to the needs of today’s safety-conscious market.

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