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    Peace & Quiet Insulation Pty Ltd; Supply and Install Australia’s widest range of noise insulation materials to attenuate noise in all new and existing buildings to architects and acoustic engineers specifications and builders requirement.

    All materials are tested to measure their performance and to meet BCA. Spec sheets detail measured performance and reports are available upon specifiers request. Our range of noise control materials include Acoustic Barriers, Soft fibre absorption, Mechanical Noise Absorption foams, Impact isolation foams and pads, Pipe and Duct lag, Reverb noise absorption panels, Acoustic door seals and more. Peace & Quiet can attenuate noise through Roofs, Ceilings, Walls, Floors, Doors, Windows and office partitions. Peace & Quiet leading brands are Noisebar Acoustic Barriers, Polyroll soft fibre absorption, NoiseSorb mechanical noise absorption foam and PQ Panels.


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