Kingspan Insulated Panels is hosting a lunchtime webinar on 30 October to provide a clear understanding of how the use of insurer approved insulation panels mitigates the risk of fire and enhances property protection.

With cladding panels in the news for all the wrong reasons, making the correct choice of cladding continues to confuse the construction industry, and raises more questions than answers, particularly around the subject of insurance.

Building fires can have far-reaching consequences. Beyond the tragic risk to life and safety, and the obvious cost implications for insurers, a major fire can irreparably damage the reputation of the architect, owner and manager of a building.

For insurers, understanding the variation in fire performance across the range of panel core materials available is vital in order to meet industry regulations and reduce risk.

Stringent insurance industry requirements have led to the development of specific insurer-driven large-scale fire tests to differentiate the fire performance of insulated panels with different cores.

As an advocate for large-scale fire testing, and manufacturer of insulated panels, Kingspan Insulated Panels is helping insurers as well as architects, specifiers, engineers and other stakeholders in the construction industry to understand how to reduce the risk of fire spreading – with the right insulation panels.

Through this short 20-minute webinar, Kingspan Insulated Panels aims to address common misconceptions about the fire performance of insulated panels. This webinar will include an overview of the Australian Standard AS5113, along with real life fire case studies to highlight how insurer-approved panels perform in real life situations.

Register here for the Fire Webinar being held on Wednesday 30 October at 12 Noon.