Kennards Hire Lift & Shift has introduced the Durapac SyncMaster synchronised lifting system to its extensive range of heavy lifting equipment.

The Durapac SyncMaster is an advanced computer controlled hydraulic lifting system designed to provide a high degree of safety to property, machinery and personnel during complex lifting tasks on large-scale engineering and maintenance projects by enabling highly precise control and monitoring.

Featuring a 15-inch full colour touch screen with scratch- and cut-resistance, Durapac SyncMaster synchronised lifting system is capable of controlling 1-16 sync pumps, which can each power 1-8 cylinders, creating up to 128 lift points.

The Durapac SyncMaster system can monitor and calculate cylinder loads, stroke lengths, total loads and the centre of gravity in real time. The system ensures safety when moving tall or uneven structures by alerting the operator with an alarm that automatically stops the lift should predetermined lift parameters be exceeded.

The Durapac SyncMaster synchronised lifting system constantly monitors cylinder positional and pressure data to safely and effortlessly achieve highly accurate and repeatable load movements, regardless of weight distribution or size.

Key features of Durapac SyncMaster synchronised lifting system also include pressure transducers for pressure or load limits to be set for an individual cylinder or all cylinders; two linear transducers per lifting point to monitor cylinder and load displacement; full data logging and real time graphical display available for all lift variables; and all lift and alert data collected during the lift process easily exported to an application for analysis and planning of future lifts.