Concelo waste bins from Hideaway Bins come with a concealed lid that remains out of sight in the cabinet when the waste bin is opened for use.

Concelo’s Active Lid stays in the cabinet when the bin is opened, dropping down over the buckets when the bin is closed.

Kitchen waste bins typically have lids so that the odours are locked in; however, these lids have to be touched every time the user opens the waste bin, leading to both inconvenience and hygiene problems. Often, homeowners throw away the bin lid in frustration, leaving them to deal with visible waste and odours.

The Concelo Active Lid is cleverly designed to resolve both issues for the homeowner. The Active Lid is hidden from sight at the top of the bin inside the cabinet, and drops down to close over the buckets when the unit is closed, sealing in odours. The motion of the lid is synchronised with the opening and closing action of the unit, allowing the user to keep their hands free to simply drop waste into the bin.

A Lid Tool provided with the Concelo waste bin allows both the trade and the homeowner to remove the Active Lid by simply pushing the actuator button on the unit inwards and pulling the lid forward out of the cabinet. The lid can then be cleaned in hot soapy water, dried and reinstalled.

To reinstall the bin lid, simply place the Lid Tool between the door front and the buckets with the lid resting on top of the buckets, and push the drawer closed. The lid will reinstall itself.

Concelo redefines the idea of a traditional waste bin with an award-winning design that boasts not just a clean aesthetic, but also an Active Lid system that keeps the bin hygienic and your kitchen looking smart and smelling clean.

Concelo waste bins are available nationwide through Hideaway’s distribution partners - Nover, Häfele and Galvin Hardware.