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    Hebel is Australia’s only manufacturer of high performance autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) for residential, commercial and civil applications. 

    Hebel panels contain anti-corrosion steel reinforcement for added strength and are available in a range of lengths for applications including internal and external walls, facades and floors.

    Hebel offers innovative building solutions available in panels and blocks which are strong, versatile and resilient. It is quick and easy to build with, better to live in and is a sustainable building material.

    Hebel has over 25 years of experience meaning you can be assured you are getting a high-quality product with the technical expertise to back it up.




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    At Hebel, there is a focus on delivering high-quality products, innovation and high standards of production. This has enabled Hebel to stand out as a supplier of AAC, and the only Australian manufacturer of AAC. More recently, Hebel has developed a patented hoisting solution, making it much easier to install boundary and intertenancy walls in areas with limited access. The ‘Hebel Hoist’ reduces safety risks associated with manual lifting and handling, and improves project efficiency by letting you complete all the dwelling frames at once, saving a minimum of day’s work per wall. Installing with Hebel Hoist also has the potential of increasing the floor area and value of your project because it gives builders the ability to build right up to the boundary without having to leave a gap for scaffolding. Importantly installation via our Hebel Hoist process ensures that each back to back boundary wall is installed without encroaching the neighbouring boundary and without compromise to meeting fire, acoustic and weather tightness performance. Our Hebel hoist has enabled us to achieve what is near impossible using conventional techniques on site.

    Building with Hebel means faster construction without sacrificing on quality. Installing one Hebel panel is the equivalent to laying 75 bricks, which means a 150m2 home can be go up as quickly as 3 days when installed by experienced Hebel installers. Hebel makes the construction process quicker, with less onsite mess and wastage, which is why it is increasingly becoming the builder’s choice.

    I’m looking to build a boundary fence for my development, is there a suitable Hebel product for that application?

    Hebel PowerFloor is a great choice of flooring solution with it’s high-performing acoustic and thermal benefits. This means less noise between floors and none of the squeak or bounce associated with particleboard flooring. Hebel PowerFloor can be easily installed by onsite tradesman such as carpenters and sits well beneath any floor covering such as tiles, carpets or strip timber flooring.

    The Hebel PowerPanel and PowerPanelXL range, suitable for use in residential projects, is available in a number of standard sizes, which are generally available for delivery within 24-48 hours of an order being placed. The PowerPanelXL range of 75mm, single mesh panels can also be made to order in 5mm increments between 1800mm and 3300mm, with options of a square edge or tongue in groove profile. Hebel can also design and manufacture panels to meet a variety of structural loads and applications. All design loads and engineering requirements for the design of structural Hebel panels must be provided by your engineer.

    CSR Hebel is Australia’s only manufacturer of AAC with over 25 years of experience in designing and developing AAC systems for Australian buildings. This affords Hebel decades of technical expertise and experience in delivering high-quality products and systems that makes building with Hebel efficient and low-risk. Our teams of qualified engineers and subject-matter experts can provide a range of services for your next project including assistance with overall review including layout , design considerations, estimating, and assistance with scheduling and logistics.

    Yes! However Hebel does not offer any standard solutions or designs, you will need to consult with your own qualified engineer to design a solution so that it can account for things such as waterproofing, drainage and soil & surcharge loading, which can be site specific.


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