Tamarama Hill House, designed by Alexander & Co., is a remarkable transformation of a 1970s multi-level apartment building into a serene coastal family retreat. Nestled in the picturesque neighbourhood of Tamarama, Sydney, the project involved both the interior reimagining of the existing entry level and the addition of a new roof level featuring a master suite and rooftop garden deck. Read on to know how Havwoods products, Aspen Raw and Botany were used to provide a stunning foundation to this project.

The clients, long-time residents of Tamarama Hill House, approached Alexander & Co. seeking to augment their living space and capture the breath-taking Tamarama Gully and coastline. The aspiration was to harmonise modern living requirements with the building's structural and visual constraints, resulting in an inviting four-bedroom haven for an urban family with two teenagers.

Tamarama Hill House

A sense of coastal serenity with the comforts of a luxury hotel is achieved through an earthy palette and textural materials, while the strategic placement of windows and openings to ensure panoramic views takes centre stage.

Alexander & Co. selected Havwoods HW9598 Aspen Raw 19 with its gorgeous blonde tones to set the foundation of the design scheme as the flooring throughout the home.

The seamless integration of timber flooring and feature ceilings elevates the living spaces into a warm and inviting haven, creating a harmonious connection between the built environment and the natural world just beyond the windows.

The use of timber extends beyond the floors, with the bedrooms serving as serene sanctuaries enriched by timber-clad walls and ceilings. Whether illuminated by natural light during the day or softly lit at night, the timber-adorned bedrooms radiate a sense of tranquillity, inviting occupants to unwind and rejuvenate.

The timber selected to clad the ceilings in the bedrooms was Havwoods HW6212 Botany, chosen for its beautiful platinum tones that complemented the Aspen Raw timber flooring.

Tamarama Hill House

The end result delivers a spectacular 4-bedroom abode that seamlessly marries beachside lifestyle with considered simplicity. Tamarama Hill House encapsulates the essence of family living, offering an understated yet elegant retreat, where the ever-changing coastal landscape and migrating whales serve as a captivating backdrop.

"With the construction of the parents’ retreat on the old concrete roof of the apartment building, we were able to create a sanctuary that includes our bedroom, a fireplace living area, a sauna, bar area, walk-in wardrobe as well as the rooftop garden. We love waking up in the morning and taking in the sunshine, the ocean and the nature of Tamarama gully, all from the comfort of our bed. The entire space has all of the benefits of low maintenance apartment living, combined with the street level entry, spaciousness and facilities of a large house," the homeowners commented.

Project details

Project: Tamarama Hill House

Location: Tamarama, Sydney, Australia

Architect: Alexander and Co.

Designer: Claire Delmar

Products: Flooring - HW9598 Aspen Raw 19 | Walls & Ceiling - HW6212 Botany Plank

Photographer: Anson Smart