Glassworks is pleased to introduce two new stunningly bold satin-etched glass patterns to the Decor Design range, exclusively for the Australian market. Designed a produced in Italy and processed locally by Glassworks, these patterns, Strip and Fili, both offer uniquely different looks. Fili is characterised by the large bold patterned effect which can be seen from afar making it perfect for large installations while Strip is a more delicate design ideal for large and small applications. Both are applied to the highest quality satin-etched glass and complimented by a brilliantly enamelled finish.

Available in sheet sizes of up to 2250 x 3210, Decor Design is Ideal for making a statement with glass and is suitable for a range of decorative glass applications including shower screens, splashbacks, wall cladding, balustrades, feature windows, partitions, entry foyers and other general screening solutions.

The combination of gloss and matt that form these patterns deliver a uniquely stunning surface that is both durable, practical, scratch and fingerprint resistant, with each pattern and effect more striking than the other.