Flowcrete Australia’s Flowcoat SK industrial resin flooring was recently selected by the Qantas service hangar in Tamworth Airport to replace their floor, which had become aged and difficult to maintain.  

With high chemical and impact resistant properties, these Flowcoat flooring systems were designed for use within the aviation industry and have been implemented in aircraft facilities worldwide.  

Key features and benefits of the Flowcoat SK epoxy industrial resin flooring systems include:

  • Ability to withstand harsh aircraft fuels and hydraulic fluids
  • High-gloss finish for light reflectivity
  • Protection against UV damage from strong and potentially damaging sunlight
  • Highly impact resistant  
The 2,500 sq metre area at the Tamworth Hangar was installed with Flowcoat SK industrial resin flooring and followed by a topcoat of the high gloss Flowseal UV coating solution to provide additional protection against potential discolouration and fading due to UV exposure.