Vitrastone from Fairview is a new natural stone cladding system recommended for exterior applications. A natural stone veneer product that is lightweight, easy to install, weatherproof and stable, Vitrastone offers a wide choice of natural stone finishes such as travertine, granite, bluestone, marble, limestone and sandstone.

The natural stone cladding system is composed of an aluminium honeycomb substrate, Vitracore, with an exterior stone cladding layer composed of a natural stone laminate. Fairview CEO Andrew Gillies says natural stone facade finishes are extremely popular in the US with the trend also having reached the Australian market. The growing demand for the material encouraged the facade cladding manufacturer to produce their own high quality natural stone cladding solution for customers.

Suitable for both interior and exterior use, Vitrastone’s stone wall panels are also ideal for use where non-combustible materials are required as well as in high impact areas.

Vitrastone is the second new product to be added to Fairview’s portfolio in recent months following the hugely successful VitraArt making its debut in September on the George Windsor apartments in Melbourne. The custom cladding solution was used by PACE Architecture to feature an original artwork by local artist, Matthew Johnson as a large scale decor print on the building’s exterior.

For more information on Vitrastone please visit Fairview