Material selection is an important component in any building project, given the impact over the life of the building. It’s critical, therefore, for the building industry to prioritise quality and performance during the selection of any material or product. It’s crucial that the selected product or material will maintain optimum performance levels for the entire lifecycle of the development.

One of the important criteria is the need for building professionals to consider the whole of life cost of any product, rather than just the initial output costs. Architects, builders, specifiers and all other stakeholders are responsible for designing and delivering quality, fit-for-purpose and cost-effective projects. Considering the cost implication of building products and materials at all stages of the project lifecycle can ultimately save clients (and future occupants) unexpected expenses further down the line from any product failure.

For the cost-conscious client, Enware Australia offers a range of efficient, high performance products with excellent operational efficiency, safety and whole of life cost benefits.

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