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    Enviro Acoustics Pty Ltd is an Australian company specialising in the manufacture of environmentally friendly acoustics enhancing spray products. Enviro Acoustics has successfully implemented its range of acoustic sprays on a range of venues including: theatres, halls, schools, colleges, clubs, commercial buildings, shopping centres, restaurants, sports facilities, night clubs, manufacturing plants, car parks, pumping stations, call and medical centres, shooting ranges, power stations, plant rooms, hotels, studios, dog kennels and loading docks. The Enviro Acoustics range of products includes Envirospray 300; a acoustic enhancing environmentally friendly spray which can be applied to metal roofs, concrete floors, plasterboard ceilings, masonry, dry walls. Enviro Acoustics also manufactures NRC Panels which can be custom designed and fitted to a range of walls as an additional acoustics enhancer. Enviro Acoustics also offer the Thermospray 800 as part of its range which acts as an acoustics enhancer with low transmission loss properties.


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