DECO Australia, Australian manufacturer of aluminium building products and finishes, has received their Qualicoat Seaside licence. The licence, which is in addition to their standard Qualicoat applicator certification, ensures the highest quality architectural powder coating for use in seaside and coastal environments where aluminium products are exposed to more severe conditions like saltwater and high humidity.

Qualicoat is the world’s leading quality label for the coating of aluminium. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, it is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that exists for one purpose: to achieve the best possible quality powder coatings for architectural aluminium products. Qualicoat is the only specification for architectural powder coating with independent third-party accrediting and auditing of powder materials and powder coat applicators.

DECO received their standard Qualicoat licence in 2022, cementing their position as a leading applicator of exceptional quality architectural powder coat and sublimated finishes. The Qualicoat certification covers their entire powder coat offerings, which includes their range of DecoCoat® finishes as well as their leading Super Durable™ timber-look sublimated DecoWood® powder coat finish.

The Qualicoat Seaside licence requires additional steps to the already rigorous Qualicoat Process Specification, including different pre-treatment requirements and additional testing to the 18 standard tests already required as part of the standard Qualicoat licence. These additional steps are critical in providing additional corrosion resistance for seaside applications.

DECO Australia General Manager, Richard Hamber said DECO is committed to offering the best quality architectural finishes on the market.

“Our dedication to the Qualicoat Process Specification showcases our commitment to quality. As part of our Qualicoat licence, our team undertakes tests across every single order that we receive. It’s no small feat to provide the best quality powder coating on the market.”

As a licensed Qualicoat Seaside applicator, DECO can provide additional durability for architectural projects located near the coast where saltwater exposure and humidity can be detrimental to poorly finished aluminium. With the majority of Australian cities and population living along a coastline, the Qualicoat Seaside certification is critical for the durability and longevity of Australian buildings.

The Qualicoat standard is the most robust specification available in Australia for architectural powder coating. For more information on Qualicoat and DECO Australia’s powder coating finishes visit