Construction Specialties - C/S advises builders to consider various criteria when selecting an expansion joint cover for their projects. Four of the most important considerations that have the greatest impact on the selection process, are listed below:

Structural joint opening

The structural joint opening will be established by the structural engineer, who will determine the size of cover needed.

Anticipated movement

This is also determined by the structural engineer and normally specified as plus or minus ‘x’ when ‘x’ may be a dimension, i.e. 10mm, or a percentage of joint opening, i.e. 50%.

Type of building

The proposed use of the building will help determine the type of cover system. For instance, a hospital will require covers that are easy to keep clean while the flush top surface will not hamper the movement of wheeled equipment. Gasketed cover systems are, therefore, ideal for this application.

Construction Specialties advises that the selection process should begin with the floor cover, with wall covers simply matched to the chosen floor cover. It’s important to remember that rolling loads can have a significant impact on the function of a cover system. Therefore, choose ‘heavy duty’ covers for environments where heavy-wheeled equipment is expected, such as in airports.

Aesthetic considerations

Appearance is the fourth important consideration, given how a smart look can add to the overall interior design scheme. Conversely, seismic joint covers have been known to ruin even the most carefully designed interior finishes scheme.

Construction Specialties - C/S has developed a complete range of covers with reveals that help conceal most of the cover plate regardless of the joints.