The highly versatile Cygnus wireless alarm system also provides a fully compliant wireless, battery powered evacuation siren system to help quickly clear worksites during an emergency. The flexibility of the Cygnus product range coupled with the Cygnus software enables evacuation solutions for a wide range of applications.

Battery powered evacuation sirens allow sites to be evacuated quickly and safely – even during a power outage.

Cygnus’ evacuation products include:


CYG24 Evacuation/Fire Alarm Call Point with 110 dB(A) siren and strobe


CYG24-85 Evacuation/Fire Alarm Call Point with 85 dB(A) siren


CYG24F  Combined Evacuation/Fire Alarm/First Aid (Nurse Call) Alert Call Point with 110 dB(A) siren and strobe

Fire alarm/interface unit


CYGI4 Interface Unit

For temporary fire alarm applications the CYGI4 Interface device can ensure your site is protected constantly from the risk of fire.

The Interface device is a wireless interface/ relay unit that can connect to external systems such as the site fire indicator panel (FIP), site door lock release, site access control/turnstiles, and other control panels/devices.

The Cygnus Interface device ensures that when an alarm is activated on an external system, it is automatically activated on the Cygnus system. Also, when the Cygnus system is activated, the Interface device can activate/ deactivate your external system such as fire alarm control panels, door release systems, and other building control devices.

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