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    Carter Holt Harvey Plywood

    Carter Holt Harvey Plywood specialises in manufacturing and supplying both structural and non-structural plywood products with familiar brands such as Ecoply®, Plyfloor, Formrite and Shadowclad®. These brands are suitable for a range of plywood applications, including structural, exterior cladding, interior linings, DIY, packaging and more.

    The recognised brands are trusted within the construction industry, with 'go to' plywood products for architects, builders and DIY professionals. 



    Formaldehyde occurs naturally in the environment and is emitted naturally by all timber species, as well as by processes such as combustion and decay. Ecoply and Shadowclad meet the lowest formaldhyde emission class (E0- less than 0.5mg/litre). Actual formaldehyde emissions have been tested to be less than 0.3mg/litre.

    Shadowclad is fixed to framing using nails or screws. The size and type used is dependent on several factors including, such as: if direct fixed or on cavity battens proximity to sea spray zone if it is a structural element aesthetic considerations. In all cases, the fasteners will be at a minimum of 150mm centres around the middle of the sheet and 300mm centres in the body of the sheet. There should also be fasteners placed at minimum of 300mm centres to horizontal nogging placed at a maximum of 800mm centres. The publication entitled "Shadowclad Specification and Installation" should be consulted for design and installation requirements.

    Ecoply and Shadowclad treated plywood is envelope treated. Any cuts or holes made in treated plywood should always have a brush on remedial treatment such as Metalex End Seal applied to the cut edge.

    Paslode power-driven nails have been tested for fixing Ecoply and Shadowclad products for particular bracing and cladding applications. Refer to section 3 Structural bracing and/or the Shadowclad Specification & Installation Manual for nail specifications. Use the Paslode Impulse Compact Nailer fitted with a No Mar(k) work contact element to eliminate any contact marks on the plywood. Adjust the work contact element to the flush position and fire the nail at 90° to the work surface. Hammer any nails flush that are left proud.

    Fixings can be placed a minimum 7mm from the sheet edge.

    Refer to the product technical brochures for guidance. In general, LVL products can be nailed, bolted or screwed exactly the same way as ordinary timber, although engineers can rely on higher fixing capacities. Hangers are available, designed to suit the product dimensions of hySPAN® and hyJOIST®, and should be ordered with special product nails. Hangers and nails can be ordered through your local building materials supplier.

    Yes! hyCHORD® is perfect for use as high-performance studs in extremely high wind-zones and tall wall applications. Refer to your engineer who can design more specific to your site requirements. hySPAN and hyJOIST have also been used for varying reasons, typically for greater insulation values due to their depth.

    Moisture meters provide a false reading due to the glue lines in Futurebuild® LVL. Dimension of product is the most accurate method of evaluating the moisture content. Anything over 2mm greater width than specification could be at risk of heightened moisture content.

    Exposure to weather during normal construction periods is not a cause for concern when using Futurebuild LVL products. The manufacturing method of 3mm veneers bonded with an exterior-grade glueline means that less moisture tends to be absorbed compared to ordinary solid timber. But do keep the product dry where possible. Store it on site level, filleted and under cover prior to installation. Ensure the product is dried out before fixing linings.

    hySPAN and hyJOIST are available in lengths up to 13.2 metres in 600mm increments. Substantial orders and those for non-standard product must be placed 6 to 8 weeks in advance to ensure sufficient stocks are on hand.


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