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    Bradford Insulation

    Established in 1934, Bradford Insulation is a leading manufacturer of premium energy-saving insulation products. With a vast manufacturing and distribution network across Australia and New Zealand, Bradford provides thermal and acoustic solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications including glasswool, rockwool, foil and specialty products designed for commercial buildings.



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Bradford have one of the most experienced, well established and comprehensive network of installers across Australia. Bradford installers complete stringent training to ensure Bradford insulation is installed safely & effectively. Bradford also provides the most comprehensive warranty in the market place with a lifetime cover on performance of product (70 years).
    Glasswool batts come in standard widths and lengths that match standard joist spaces. With ceiling insulation the batts are usually brought into an existing ceiling access and fit snugly between ceiling joists to achieve maximum thermal insulation.
    Even if only 5% of an area of wall or ceiling is left uninsulated then up to 50% of the potential benefits may be lost. Similarly holes, tears or joins in reflective insulation should be taped.
    The density of glasswool products used in residential applications varies depending on the use of the product. Ceiling batts are normally in the range of 8 – 10kg/m3 whereas wall batts need to be stiff so as not to slump in the wall cavity and these products are typically 12kg/m3 or more. Acoustic insulation products are typically in the range of 25 – 30kg/m3.
    Glasswool and rockwool are similar products that perform similar functions. Glasswool takes molten glass (made from around 80% recycled glass) and put this through a fiberising process to create a mat of varying thicknesses and densities. This mat has millions of air pockets created and this provides an effective insulation against the transfer of heat. Rockwool is made in a similar way from molten volcanic rock (basalt) rather than glass. The main differences between glasswool and rockwool from a performance perspective is that rockwool cannot be made a low densities like glasswool can. The minimum density for rockwool is around 30kg/m3. However, rockwool has the advantage of being able to be used at much higher operating temperatures – up to 850°C compared to 350°C for glasswool. Mineral wool is a term that describes both glasswool and rockwool.

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