Access to clean, fresh water is fundamental to living a healthy life – and Billi Australia is making a difference through a range of products that deliver instant boiling, chilled, still or sparkling filtered water direct from the unit.

Due to the changing climate, rising pollution levels and Australia’s rapidly growing population, the demand for clean drinking water has never been higher. The government has a duty to provide Australians with safe drinking water, but despite their best efforts, water quality at the point of consumption may not always benefit our short or long-term health goals.

Filtering tap water ensures you have a safe, clean water supply, with obvious benefits to health and wellbeing. Consumption of filtered tap water can lower exposure to the numerous known carcinogens and chemicals in the supplied tap water. It also improves the taste and smell of tap water, encouraging users to drink water more often, which will lead to greater health and energy.

By delivering instant boiling, chilled, still or sparkling filtered water direct from the unit, Billi systems reduce the demand for plastic bottled water in both the home and the workplace. Billi also offers a bespoke management system for these units to suit any customer need.

Billi’s Quadra instantaneous Boiling & Chilled filtered drinking water products are our commercial flagship and are proudly Australian Made at our facility in Melbourne. The water-cooled Quadra range is synonymous with innovation, sustainability, and quality.

Billi’s Quadra products continue to be designed with green building principles in mind, being Ecolabel Type 1 certified by Global Greentag to a Gold level certification, which is completely without peer in the drinking water industry. The Quadra Boiling & Chilled range encompasses 9 capacity specifications to suit any commercial project. It is fitted with the X series Levered dispenser (XL) as standard, offering AS1428 compliance and a range of 9 popular and contemporary architectural finishes.

Watch this video to know more about Billi’s commitment to sustainable drinking water.