Bent and Curved Glass supplied the curved glass elements for use in the bi-sliding stacking doors and windows installed at a recent project in Bellevue Hill, Sydney.

Working in collaboration with Tzannes Associates Architects on the award-winning residential project, Bent and Curved Glass accurately manufactured oversized laminated curved glass elements to complement the bespoke framing and track systems. The curved bi-sliding stacking doors and windows featured a circular design.

Curved glass was one of the major defining elements of the project, enhancing both the function and aesthetics of the architect’s design. Bent and Curved Glass was able to achieve fine dimensional tolerances to ensure the smooth operation of the systems.

The project won ‘Best use of glass in a domestic project’ award at the recent NSW Glass and Glazing Association Glass Project Awards 2014. The project also received a commendation in the Australian Institute of Architects NSW Chapter Awards for ‘Residential Architecture Houses – Alterations and Additions’.

Bent and Curved Glass can provide customised and locally manufactured glass solutions for residential and commercial projects throughout Australia.

Exciting developments at Bent and Curved Glass

Committed to continuously improving and upgrading its capabilities, Bent and Curved Glass has sourced the highest quality manufacturing equipment to meet and exceed the growing demands and expectations for glass in the evolving architectural marketplace.

BCG recently moved into a new larger factory consolidating its previous production operations on two sites. The new location allows room for future growth and is equipped with a new generation cross bending toughening furnace, enabling efficient production of larger format glass.

Using its many years of bending experience, BCG has customised the operation of a new convection furnace ensuring the best optical and dimensional quality is achieved in perhaps the only large format cross bending furnace in Australasia. The new furnace is now fully operational and the process of relocating and refurbishing the original bending furnace is underway.

On completion of the furnace refurbishment, BCG will have the capacity to produce curved toughened glass through the full range of tight radius, tangent and composite radius curved glass including even larger sizes in a full range of glass types, without any compromise on quality.

Curved glass options from Bent and Curved Glass include toughened, toughened laminated, annealed, annealed laminated and double glazed.

Custom laminated glass can be supplied for PVB & EVA interlayers, graphic interlayers, structural interlayers, thermal interlayers, acoustic interlayers and coloured interlayers.

BCG supplies glass for diverse applications including windows, doors, balustrades, pool fences, facade systems, floor panels, roof panels, display cabinets, shopfronts, partitions, shower screens, splashbacks, stair treads and pool windows.