BOSS Fire’s latest generation of FyreBox provides 2hrs of fire protection for bundles of services in one integrated box.

  • Guarantees compliance every time
  • Reduces 90% of installation costs
  • Unique innovative design

The BOSS FyreBox offers major benefits to typical apartment projects or applications requiring multiple services to be fire rated in one confined space.

Suitable for:

  • Apartment inter-tenancy walls in high-rise residential projects
  • Hospitals and Aged-Care
  • Computer rooms and data centres
  • Corridors where services pass through multiple fire walls
  • Riser shaft walls to common areas
  • Studios and broadcasting where cables are changed regularly
  • Commercial or industrial buildings where services are bundled or require frequent changes

The BOSS FyreBox is simple to install and offers a higher performance on more services than ever before.

BOSS’ own unique Brush Seal eliminates over 90% of the installation time.  And with our advanced intumescent “FireMastic-HPE” sealant, the Australian-made BOSS FyreBox guarantees a fast-acting reaction to fi re, closing rapidly around the penetrating services.

“We tried the BOSS FyreBox in our new apartment project in Brisbane because it was recommended to us. To be honest I didn’t realise how much it was going to save us, the installation time is extremely fast and our total fire stopping labour time has been slashed. It’s the simplest, most effective fi re stopping method available.” Peter Haines, BPM Group