AM-BOSS Access Ladders are installed in all types of buildings: new and existing government buildings, factories, hospitals and residential properties.

The AM-BOSS system is the ideal way to create safe access to the ceiling space for a storage facility, or to a plant room and rooftop access. AM-BOSS raised the standard of workplace safety by being the first pull-down access ladder to both comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and receive CodeMark Certification.

AM-BOSS pioneered installations of access ladders into suspended ceilings and manufacture, supply and install access ladders to suit each individual environment.

AM-BOSS also offer a pull-down access ladder fire rated to AS1530.4-2005, with a -/90/90 rating. AM-BOSS supplies and installs fall arrest systems, anchor points, walkways, guard railings, fixed access ladders and more.