Australian architecture firm BVN has compiled a six-step guide on the use of 3D printing for communicating architectural projects which is becoming increasingly common in AEC practice.

Featuring several tips and tricks, the free guide is designed to help those with access to a 3D printer to understand the process of 3D printing.

BVN has been using 3D printing since 2013 to help communicate their projects. The firm has noticed a significant uptake of the technology across a wide variety of project types and stages. BVN is now working towards the goal of having every one of their project teams produce 3D printed models.

BVN’s 6-step guide to architectural 3D printing:

1. Get to know the machine

2. Creating a 3D printable model

3. Preparing your file in your ‘slicer’ software

4. Printing your model

5. Share your model

6. Teach someone how to 3D print

The full guide is available for download here.