Solid wood is often touted as the be all and end all of timber products. To do so, however, would be to neglect the inherent advantages of relying on timber veneer, where a typically lower price point is not indicative of lower quality. 

First and foremost, timber veneers are often a more sustainable option than solid timber. The act of slicing veneers from a log produces no waste, meaning that more of any tree can be used than the comparative act of sawing solid timber boards, which produces significant amounts of sawdust and inevitable waste. The relative thinness of timber veneer to solid timber planks also means that any individual tree can stretch significantly further, sliced into numerous sheets that are, at most, mere millimetres thick. Adhered to a plywood, MDF or particleboard substrate, fewer trees are needed to make more finished panels than any solid timber equivalent – a fact that is not only better for the environment, in that it reduces the demand placed upon our forests and slower-growing trees – but also form a cost perspective. While solid timber panels of an exotic timber might be cost prohibitive in the quantities needed for certain projects, timber veneers can lower the threshold of accessibility.

With a structural core of plywood or similar, veneered panels also are typically lighter than equivalent solid timber pieces, making them easier to transport and work with. The same structural core, particularly plywood, also provides veneered panels added protection from the warping and dimensional change that often occurs to solid timber over time as a result of changes in humidity and temperature. 


Elton Group’s own Eveneer Prefinished range of veneers makes the most of these qualities, and is a high quality product free from the splits, holes, knots and discolouration that are found in conventional veneers. Eveneer Prefinished is FSC certified, manufactured only with timber sourced from agricultural plantations and certified forests. It is also certified E0, designated only to those products featuring the lowest formaldehyde emissions available. 

Eveneer sheets are available in a wide range of timber species, colours, finishes and patterns, and in large sheet sizes up to 3050 x 1300mm, maximising the yield of any individual tree. Delivered ready to use, already polished and complete with UV inhibitors – either as 1mm sheets or pre-pressed onto MDF panels – Eveneer Prefinished sheets are ideal for furniture production and interior panelling. 

For more information about Elton Group and the Eveneer Prefinished range, visit the link below.