The 29.4 million hectares of forest that were lost in 2017 were the second highest numbers recorded of global tree destruction since 2001, when the Global Forest Watch began monitoring – only marginally lower than the levels recorded in 2016. This rate of destruction, much of it illegal and linked to globally traded timber among other commodities, is understandably untenable, being equivalent to an area the size of Italy disappearing in a single year, or a football field every second.


With forests holding environmental, social and economic significance – including for our efforts to cut global carbon emissions by serving as a carbon sink – the architecture and construction industries must reassess their position within natural cycles and adjust their approach accordingly. Holding at least partial responsibility for the worldwide demand and depletion of timber resources, this shift can occur in parts at all levels of the supply chain. However, suppliers in particular can take extra steps to ensure the timber products they offer are not placing additional pressure upon global forests. 

InnoCeil is a composite timber ceiling system offered by composite timber experts Innowood Australia and is one such alternative to the massive demand placed upon forests and existing timber resources. Certified by Green Building Council of Australia., InnoCeil is manufactured using wood waste as their primary component. Rather than rely on virgin resources, doing so increases the value and potential of any individual tree in international and local construction, as well as serving to further improve upon Innowood’s EPD certified carbon neutral footprint. Produced from wood waste and PVC resin, InnoCeil produces low VOC and is suitable for any commercial or residential interior application. They are also 100 per cent recyclable, and through Innowood’s take-back scheme, InnoCeil products can be returned at their end of life to be broken down and used as feedstock for new products. With such a process, no wood composite waste leaves the factory. 


InnoCeil is a highly flexible design-oriented product, with multiple standard profiles as well as customised feature elements, curves, waves and shadow effects all being possible with the integration of services such as lighting and air conditioning. However, as an engineered timber-look ceiling solution, InnoCeil eliminates many of the downsides of natural timber products and builds on the existing qualities; being termite resistant, eliminating visible screws, nails or complex joinery, adding durability, and offering a level of acoustic performance throughout any commercial or residential space. Furthermore, InnoCeil systems are self-extinguishing in the event of a fire and deliver excellent fire resistance, having been tested under the Early Fire Hazard Test  AS/NZ 1530.3. 

Timber’s popularity as a construction and finishing material shows no sign of faltering. However, by making informed decisions across design and construction stages, and choosing reputable, reliable products for their buildings, architects and designers can limit their impact on the environment and even begin to repair the existing damage to forests worldwide. 


For more information on the Innowood’s commitment to the environment and the Innowood EPD click here, and for information on InnoCeil products click here