Cosentino is committed to sustainability and has boosted its green credentials even further with the development of the exclusive HybriQ+ technology, first showcased in the latest Silestone® Loft Collection. HybriQ+ technology is a ground-breaking leap in the evolution of Silestone® that introduces a new production process, new product composition and new design possibilities. 

HybriQ+ is the result of more than three years of intense research and development. The manufacturing process reflects Cosentino’s philosophy of a circular economy of production, exchanging the typical cycle of make, use, dispose in favour of recycle and reuse. To achieve this, the production process uses 100 per cent renewable energy and 98 per cent recycled water.

The formula of HybriQ+ is made with a compound of minerals and reused raw materials, such as recycled glass, and a significant reduction in the presence of crystalline silica. This material composition maintains the performance features Silestone® is renowned for – its durability, resistance and low porosity – while allowing for greater design possibilities with new colours and effects, such as transparency.

Silestone® Loft is the first collection to feature HybriQ+ technology. The collection is inspired by industrial design and showcases some of the new colours and effects. Cosentino has recently just released the Sunlit Days, the first carbon neutral range of Silestone, featuring 5 stunning colours inspired by Cosentino’s Mediterranean roots, Arcilla Red, Posidonia Green, Cala Blue, Cincel Grey and Faro White and is due to release the highly anticipated Ethereal collection offering an artistic interpretation of the fleeting, heavenly patterns cast in the sky — with fine lines in deep hues against a white canvas capturing the interplay of colour and light seen from dawn to nightfall

All Silestone® Loft surfaces maintain the standard 25-year warranty, and HybriQ+ technology also provides greater safety in the workplace, both in its manufacturing and handling. 

For more information about the new HybriQ+ Technology and the latest Silestone® Collection, see here or visit a Cosentino showroom to speak your local sales representative.