Clip JuAn is a fastening system particularly recommended for installing Lunawood thermowood in a decking application.

Lunawood thermowood is suitable for the Clip JuAn fastening system thanks to its stability and durability, with the environment-friendly raw material helping create quick, affordable and stylish decking.

The Clip JuAn fastening system is ideal for Lunawood thermowood decking for several reasons, the most important reason being its ability to save up to 70 per cent of building time. Quick and easy to install, Clip JuAn is a concealed fastening system with no screws visible after installation. The cost-effective fastening system also works for cladding installations.

Additionally, Clip JuAn’s flexibility allows it to support the slight movement of the wood instead of resisting it.

The heat-treated Lunawood thermowood offers greater stability than traditional wood. The 5mm free space between the plank and the joist facilitates excellent ventilation and prevents moisture build-up or growth of micro-organisms.

Lunawood thermowood is available in Australia from Wright Forest Products.