Lunawood thermowood is a beautiful wood material from Finland that comes with the assurance of long-term durability and dimensional stability when used in a wide range of applications.

Recommended for screening, cladding and decking applications, Lunawood thermowood is manufactured using natural methods and is not chemically treated, providing a non-toxic wood product.

Improved natural durability

Field tests conducted in Australia have demonstrated that Lunawood products are resistant to termites. This happens when sugar chains – the termite’s food source in timber fibre – are reduced to levels below the food source threshold. However, it is still recommended that appropriate termite barriers are installed to Australian Standards. LunaThermo D-class thermowood has a decay resistance class of 2 (durable) (EN 350-2); wood products with decay resistance classes of 1 and 2 are suitable for outdoor use without any additional treatment.

Improved dimensional stability

The production of Lunawood thermowood involves thermal modification wherein the moisture content of the wood decreases to around 4-6 percent. The equilibrium moisture content is also permanently reduced as a result, becoming half that of untreated wood. Therefore, thermowood does not react to changes in humidity as drastically as untreated wood, increasing its dimensional stability and ability to retain shape far better, all without adding any chemicals.

Non-toxic and chemical-free

Lunawood thermowood is produced using natural methods with only heat and steam used in the manufacturing process and no chemicals added whatsoever. During the process, steam acts as a protective gas and prevents the wood from splitting and becoming damaged during treatment.

Improved thermal insulation

Tests have shown that the thermal conductivity of thermowood is reduced by around 20-25% compared with untreated coniferous wood. As a result, Lunawood is an excellent choice of material for diverse applications including exterior doors, cladding, windows and saunas.

Lunawood is available in Australia from Wright Forest Products.

Image: A Lunawood deck