The Clip JuAn fastening system available from Wright Forest Products is designed to save up to 70 percent of the build time for terraces.

An award-winning, patented and time-saving innovation by Grad, the leading terrace building company in France, Clip JuAn is a concealed fastening system that is quick and easy to use, saves costs, and can also be used for cladding.

Particularly recommended for installing Lunawood thermowood thanks to its stability and durability, the Clip JuAn fastening system has been used successfully by Grad for over seven years to build terraces. The fastening system has been used to install nearly 885,000 lm of thermowood during this period with no complaints received. Lunawood thermowood is an environment-friendly raw material.

The Clip JuAn fastening system has been tested by an independent testing institute, the FCBA Bordeaux, to prove that Clip JuAn is officially suitable for the requirements of the Norm DTU 51-4. The clip is protected by a European and Canadian patent (n °D63 B04 EUR).

Clip JuAn has been recognised with three gold medals.