Leading Australian company Atkar Group announces the renaming of their Building & Construction Supplies division as Trumark Group.

An integral part of the design and construction industry for over 70 years, Atkar Group works closely with architects, builders and contractors to help them deliver their projects on time and in budget. The business has operated with two distinct divisions – the Architectural & Acoustic Lining division; and the Building & Construction Supplies division, with each division seeing considerable growth in recent years.

Atkar Group has now announced a new trading name, Trumark Group that will be solely used for their Building & Construction Supplies division. Atkar Group will continue to be the name for the Architectural & Acoustic Lining division, and Trumark Group will operate as a separate division of Atkar Group. This will help customers make a clear distinction between the two business divisions and allow for more effective communication.

“Both divisions operate in the same market to the same customer base. We have found that it is often confusing for our customers when we are communicating very different product offerings at the same time,” Phil Grimshaw, partner at Atkar Group stated.

“This new name change for our Building & Construction Supplies division makes the distinction between the two divisions much clearer.”

The Building & Construction Supplies division (now called Trumark Group) has implemented a number of operational changes over the past two years. In January 2018, they moved their stock and distribution operation from Atkar Group’s head office in Hallam and opened a Trade Distribution Centre in Scoresby, which offered over 5000m² of working floor space and increased logistical efficiencies. More recently in March 2020, they introduced a dedicated 1300 phone line for trade sales.

The new Trumark Group division will be managed by Charles Grimshaw and his brother-in-law Brad Scott.

“We are excited to present the new Trumark Group brand to our customers,” Charles said. “With our new and improved distribution centre in Scoresby, leading delivery service and our team of technical and customer service professionals, our focus is on understanding the individual needs of our customers to help shorten their construction journey, and to make their build easy.”

Trumark Group has even created a tagline to reinforce their focus, ‘Your build, made easy’.

“We strive to make the process as easy as possible – leave it to us to worry about!”

“There are a lot of new projects on the horizon,” says Phil. “We will soon be launching some innovative new products, a cost-effective acoustic panel range and we are also working on another new range offering, but I can’t discuss that one in too much details just yet,” quips Phil.

Even with these changes, there is likely to be little change or effect on customers or current projects. “We have the same team of people still operating at both divisions, so from that perspective, nothing has changed except the name,” says Charles.

“We will be closely in touch with all our stakeholders throughout the entire process to ensure the transition is as seamless and straightforward as possible.”