Town and Country Lawn Magic  are pleased to announce the launch of their latest product, Rubber Mulch.

Utilising recycled materials and styled on the popular look of natural bark mulch, rubber mulch will last for 10–20 years.

Rubber mulch is the latest innovation in garden mulch and play ground soft fall.

Rubber mulch will not harbour termites or other bugs that may threaten the woodwork structure of homes. The rubber mulch is portable and if moving house it can be raked up and taken to the new house.

Rubber mulch offers the natural look of bark mulch without the risk of splinters, wood eating insects and that dead look when wood chips begin to break down.

Rubber mulch is made from recycled materials, is non-toxic and comes in a choice of non-fading colours and helps to keep the moisture in.

The Obamas have recently installed this new rubber mulch technology as a safe surface in the outdoor children’s play areas at the White House.