The Footprint Company (TFC) is working with leading property group Lendlease at the Barangaroo precinct to achieve major sustainability goals. TFC continues to work across other urban regeneration projects and operational portfolios.

Barangaroo South Retail

Lendlease has set global best practice targets including carbon neutral in operation, zero waste and a 20% reduction in the carbon footprint of construction materials.

TFC’s integrated online platform is assisting these objectives by: Using their Interiors Calculator to measure embodied carbon footprint and identify alternatives to meet the 20% target (over 85 innovative tenancies in 22,000m² GLA); and estimating tenant operating carbon emissions in design, identifying where tenants can improve, and setting mandatory emissions targets for the carbon neutral goal.

TFC’s Interiors Calculator has been endorsed by the Green Building Council for awarding lifecycle credits for materials and energy towards Green Star goals.

The tenants’ Green Star ratings are being progressively achieved with some outstanding outcomes, including St. George achieving 6 stars for their new retail tenancy.

Image Source: Belinda Rolland

Barangaroo South Whole Precinct Model

The Barangaroo precinct is working towards becoming Australia’s first large scale carbon neutral community with a commitment to measure and report its total ecological footprint. TFC’s entire application suite has been deployed for Lendlease to achieve this objective.

TFC’s platform enables Lendlease to visualise the relative contribution of various elements of the project (buildings, energy, water, transport and waste) to each other and how the whole precinct is on track to perform against their contractual commitments.

TFC’s Multi-Use Calculator is being used to measure the detailed impact of the major building elements and the contribution of key design innovations pioneered by the Design Group.

Image Source: Lendlease

Brisbane Showground Urban Renewal

Following in the footsteps of the Barangaroo precinct, TFC’s Urban Regeneration team has expanded the tenancy sustainability lifecycle assessment to the regeneration of the Brisbane Showgrounds.

Delivering leadership in energy efficiency is good for retail business and can contribute to a material reduction in total occupancy cost.

TFC’s online platform increases the efficiency of tenancy assessment and reduces site co-ordination risk via its secure cloud based documentation access system.

Energy savings of 20% on average have been implemented for new tenants.

Image Source: AFN