Net zero embodied carbon is poised to be the hottest topic of 2021, says Dr Caroline Noller, founder and CEO of The Footprint Company.

Embodied carbon drew significant attention throughout 2020, with major developments including the ‘Declare’ movement committing to take immediate action, and the recent event – Building Circularity: why our renaissance needs to be a perfect circle – showcasing four embodied carbon material ‘disruptors’.

So how can you start to make a difference quickly? 

The GreenBook from The Footprint Company translates embodied carbon data into the language of design. As Australia’s leading source of design-ready embodied carbon data, this globally available digital resource enables you to easily navigate your way to deep reductions in the carbon impact of all projects. Learn how much embodied carbon is in different building types and how design decisions drive it.

The GreenBook

With The GreenBook, you can reduce research time and costs while achieving your embodied carbon targets; get accurate carbon insights into your material selections – with minimal set-up or training; access 2000+ rates for building materials and complex assemblies updated twice a year, saving you hours of research; use globally relevant datasets; and envision your options using visual design guides and performance benchmarks.

The 2021 edition of The GreenBook is releasing soon. Subscribe this month and get free formal CPD courses.