TFO Tile Factory Outlet introduces the new Dolomite collection of Italian tiles sourced from a renowned Italian manufacturer.

Inspired by the beauty and strength of the granite found in the Dolomites mountains of Italy, the new stoneware porcelain tiles have a unique textured feel that adds to their glamour. The new collection combines the natural beauty inherent in stone with the durability and lustre of vitrified porcelain, the colour variation in each tile mimicking this unique feature of natural stone.

An added advantage of natural stone-look porcelain tiles is their ability to resist etching, scratching and staining without requiring any sealing.

The new Dolomite Italian tile collection offers a selection of finishes and thickness options, increasing their versatility in both indoor and outdoor applications. TFO stocks these elegant stone look tiles in a variety of finishes, sizes and textures.

Tips for using the Dolomite Italian tile collection to its full potential

Establish your vision for the room

Find out what you aim to achieve with a tile installation before choosing a tile pattern for the room. Do you want a classic vibe? Sleek and modern? Or maybe, rustic and retro? Having a clear vision in mind for the room will help you choose the right colour, texture and pattern to bring that vision to life.

Look around the room

Examine all the features of the room including size, dimensions and lighting. Is the room narrow or wide? Is the ambient lighting perfect or should it be dimmed? What is the current style of the room? Should the installation be a standard straight lay or a diamond pattern? Based on the answers to these questions, one can easily establish the design goal as well as achieve the desired outcome.

Select the colour

Choose a colour that will complement another colour in the same room; alternatively, choose a colour that will highlight a focal point such as a wall hanging or any other decoration.

Stop by TFO’s Sydney showroom and check out the hot new Dolomite Italian tiles collection.