The highly versatile Jakob’s Webnet mesh is widely used in green wall and facade applications. The mesh also finds use in various sportsgrounds where it’s used to provide strong security barriers, while its flexibility absorbs the noise and shocks that can emanate from ball slams. The light filigree-like appearance makes Webnet an attractive material that can be sculptural as well as functional.

Here are some examples of Webnet applications in sports fields:

Football park in Lausanne, Switzerland

The 50mm sleeveless stainless steel wire rope creates a near-transparent appearance for the nets, while simultaneously absorbing noise and ball movements. The material is also virtually maintenance-free. Being a flexible material, the Webnet nets could be stretched along its width in some parts and lengthways in others, to improve rigidity and appearance.

Curved ball catcher, Argenteuil, France

Jakob describes this structure as part ball-catching net and part sculpture, due to a combination of the flexibility of the material and the catcher’s curved and translucent appearance.

High school sports ground, Nyon, Switzerland

This sports ground is enclosed in sleeveless Webnet mesh, which provides a translucent and light appearance that belies its strength. At this busy sportsground, the mesh helps to absorb both shocks and noise from games, which in turn, reduces disturbance in the neighbourhood.

Dee Why PCYC

Tensile installed 160mm aperture mesh in this youth facility as a ball screen for the basketball courts. The mesh not only creates a strong, near-invisible barrier, but also allows for good airflow and natural light throughout the space.

Tensile specialises in Webnet mesh for greening and games applications as well as for art installations, balustrades, room partitions and more.