Protective barriers and netting installed on bridges and elevated walkways often present as an eyesore on an otherwise architecturally designed structure. Existing fall protection solutions, mostly consisting of oversized, mismatched netting can draw away from the constructed beauty of the architecture.

With Tensile mesh solutions, however, the material can be built directly into the architectural design and made to seamlessly combine both beauty and safety.

Bridge and walkway safety

Bridges are impressive structures spanning large distances above shimmering water. Modern architects take the minimalist route when designing bridges, while giving each structure a unique look and design. However, bridges are also the preferred jump-off point for those with suicidal tendencies, not just in Australia and New Zealand but across the world.

While warning signs and help hotline phone numbers are placed throughout bridges, additional safety measures such as safety nets and protective barriers are required to thwart suicidal intentions.

Typically, there are two main protective measures to be considered for bridges when it comes to safety and prevention: A high railing that can prevent people from even attempting anything as it discourages jumping from great heights; and safety nets, which make potentially fatal falls impossible.

These two measures help prevent suicide attempts and can protect people from accidental falls as well.

Jakob Webnet mesh

Jakob Webnet mesh available from Tensile is used in bridges and walkways for preventing falls and ensuring safety.

Distinct from the nylon nets and chain-link variations used on some bridges, Webnet mesh is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Though Webnet mesh is lightweight, it is made from 316 stainless steel, which is known for its high corrosion resistance, especially in saline or chloride-exposed environments where most bridges are situated.

The appearance of 316 stainless steel melds beautifully into the architecture of the bridge and surrounding plant and wildlife as well. Beyond the aesthetic appearance of the stainless steel mesh, Webnet is also known for its load bearing capacity, longevity in extreme weather conditions, and low maintenance costs.

Bridges and walkways are striking architectural creations, offering beauty not seen in other constructions. Tensile’s Webnet mesh can ensure the construction remains both beautiful and safe. If your next project requires fall protection elements or involves bridge infrastructure, consult with Tensile’s design specialists.