Architects and designers love the idea of integrating stainless steel wire rope into their creations, given its many functional and aesthetic qualities.

Stainless steel wire rope is strong, malleable, durable, versatile and visually appealing, making it a great material to work with in architectural projects.

1. Strength

Being very strong and robust, stainless steel wire rope systems supported by components such as rods and connectors will never fail at the first challenge. For example, when the material is used as an engineered support structure in a multi-storeyed green facade, you can be assured of its ability to withstand natural elements as well as the weight of the plants and substrate.

2. Malleability

Stainless steel wire rope is very malleable. When formed into Webnet mesh, it can be used to wrap around all kinds of shapes to provide near-transparent safety barriers. The wire rope is also beautifully formed with the look of traditional rope but made from marine grade steel, and available in a range of configurations and sizes.

3. Durability

Stainless steel wire rope can last for many decades. Its weather resistance makes it an ideal material for outdoor projects where other materials (such as timber or plastic) are likely to fail over time due to corrosion or degradation. Wire rope cables and mesh are also virtually maintenance-free, which reduces project costs in the long term.

4. Versatility

Stainless steel wire rope is remarkably adaptable with its versatility making it ideal for a wide variety of installations and projects. It can be configured to form balustrades, trellises for green or decorative facades, and support structures for vertical gardens, catenary lighting projects and artistic installations. In these roles, the wire rope is never rigid or stiff but ‘goes with the flow’, adapting to wind movements and natural forces while remaining strong.

5. Visual appeal

In standalone applications or supporting roles, stainless steel wire rope can look great. For example, it can be used to form sleek and minimalist fall protection barriers such as the Monash University LTB where the cable barrier itself adds to the modernist appeal of the building. In other projects, the steel wire rope’s translucent and light appearance fades into the background, allowing other elements of the design to shine through.

Precision engineering

Stainless steel wire rope must be correctly engineered for use in architectural projects. Precision engineering helps reduce the risk of both collapse and overextending on costs. Get in touch with Tensile for your next project.