Tec-LED Lighting Pty Ltd  has introduced a new series of high CRI LED strips, delivering a CRI of 92 against the industry standard of 83.

An acronym for Colour Rendering Index, CRI basically refers to the amount of colour accuracy delivered by a light source. A high CRI means that the product under light most truly resembles its true colour.

Why is CRI important?

For instance, an interior designer carefully selects a carpet for a luxurious hotel and LED strips are installed under the bed to create a floating effect. However, the carpet now looks the wrong colour.

The carpet manufacturer is summoned, and after weeks of testing and conflict, the decision is reached that the carpet is as per the sample supplied, but the LED lights cause a colour shift.

An expensive penthouse in the Rocks, Sydney had carefully selected tiles installed in the apartment. However, the client complained that the tiles appeared to have a greenish tint. The whole process was repeated and it was decided that the tiles were fine but the lighting caused them to appear green.

CRI is very important for architectural projects where colour matters, and a CRI reading of 83 is not sufficient.

Tec-LED Lighting offers high CRI LED strips in a range of colour temperatures and light intensities to achieve a true colour result.