Jewel is an LED pendant collection designed by Yonoh studio for Axolight (Italy). A concept luminaire with an emphasis on simplicity and sustainability, Jewel is characterised by its balance of the conical and double arched components in its form.

The recycled ABS double crossed arch cradles an aluminium cone that houses the LED light source, creating a simple yet elegant feature within a space. Jewel can be installed individually or in series to create a more diffused beam.

A multidisciplinary creative studio established by Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma in 2006, Yonoh is recognised for its simple yet functional designs. Yonoh designs have been awarded prestigious prizes such as Red Dot, IF Design Award, Good Design, and Wallpaper Design Award, among others.

Clara del Portillo said: “Alex and I share the idea that there is a strong familiarity between jewels and decorative lights. People adorn their body with jewellery for the same reason they decorate their residential spaces with lighting: for utility and pleasure. Our challenge then was to understand how the delicate soul of something so small could be translated within a large space, while maintaining its delicate splendour. In this respect, the capability of Axolight in finding a harmonious synthesis between the functional needs and decorative vocation of the pendant makes possible the realisation of our dream.

“We like to transmit emotions with light. We want to illuminate in a beautiful and intuitive way. We want our lamps to be attractive when they do not emit light and emotional when they emit it. We believe that lighting creates environments.”

Axolight CEO Giuseppe Scaturro said: “Last 5th of June during the World Environment Day, we wanted to symbolically print the first prototype of Jewel, composed of an aluminium cone and supported by an arch made of recycled ABS. Our laboratory of tailor-made decorative lights embodies functionality and inspiration; however, we always remember that there is no laboratory more functional and inspiring than the environment. This theme of environmental respect is a bearing element of our company culture.”