The Special Assembly range builds on the capacity of the standard linear drain by integrating outlets at 200mm intervals connected to a 90mm or 100mm pipe, for vastly improved water removal.

For over 30 years, Stormtech has been supplying the local (and global) architecture and design industries with cutting edge linear drainage systems. ​​The family business originally started when founder John Creighton was asked by an architect to help design a hobless shower for a wheelchair bound client. John’s response was to create a special drainage grate that essentially demarcated the wet area of the shower from the dry area of the bathroom, effectively removing the water with no need for a hob or multi-directional grade.

Since the inception of Stormtech’s original 65ARG Slimline linear drain, the business has expanded the use cases, versatility, and functionality across many different applications and purposes, from threshold drains to pool drains. The stylish linear drainage grates that are Stormtech’s calling card have now become ubiquitous across Australia and, as with any truly innovative product, continues to be improved, further developed and expanded in their potential.

One of the first innovations in Stormtech’s slimline linear drain systems was the Special Assembly range. The range provides designers and specifiers with a drainage solution that is developed for high capacity drainage needs, providing flexibility in any outdoor application, and particularly in landscape and pool design.

The Special Assembly range builds on the capacity of the standard linear drainage by integrating multiple outlets across the length of the drainage channel. This simple, yet highly effective system eliminates the need for large outlets at either end of the trench, improving ease of installation and increasing versatility.

The Special Assembly system has a 65mm wide UPVC channel, which is connected via downpipes at 200mm intervals to sockets in a 100mm drain below. Downpipe length is customisable based on the parameters of the specific project, and allows for the channel to be installed level while the drainpipe is given sufficient fall to be self-cleaning. The Special Assembly is then completed with a stainless steel grate from the AR, TR or PS series. 

Removing water through multiple outlets along the length of the channel has multiple benefits. Firstly, in combination with Stormtech’s renowned drainage grates, the Special Assembly system is highly effective at filtering solid waste from runoff, reducing the chance of blockages. With grate gaps of 2mm-5mm, much of the waste is left on top to be easily swept away. What does make it into the drain is diverted to the 100mm drainage pipe at regular intervals, reducing the opportunity for build up which may occur in larger, but less frequent outlets.

This, in turn, drastically increases the efficiency of the drain and enables it to effectively remove vastly more significant volumes of water than a standard drain of a similar size. The combination of a smaller, slimline profile, with this increased capacity makes the Special Assembly system a great fit for almost any design concept and suitable for a wide range of applications. Special Assembly is suitable for situations from commercial public works to backyard landscaping, driveways, paved applications and pool designs.

By virtue of the level linear grate, Special Assembly can also easily be incorporated into door frames and thresholds to allow a level threshold. This makes it suitable not only for standard ingress / egress applications, but for all applications where accessible design is a key consideration. This is particularly pertinent in public spaces, multi residential and for industries such as hospitality.

Longevity of functionality is key when specifying drainage, and the Special Assembly system is built to last. The channel, downpipes and drainage pipe are all manufactured from a sustainable and incredibly durable uPVC. Stormtech also offers a range of location and installation-specific innovations to prolong the lifespan of stainless steel grates, such as electropolishing, or the option to use 316 (marine grade) stainless steel to prolong the product’s lifespan. These options are particularly useful where the grate is likely to be exposed to higher levels of oxidation or corrosion, such as for a pool installation, locations close to the coast, or locations with particularly acidic soil.

With 30+ years experience in architectural drainage, all Stormtech products are certified by Greentag and Watermark. Stormtech is proud to hold the reputation as the only drainage manufacturer with Level A GreenTag™ certification – the most respected third-party certification body in Australia for eco-friendly products and is the only product rating certification approved by the Green Building Council of Australia. Furthermore, the Special Assembly drainage system was recognised for its innovation by a DesignMark at the Australian International Design Awards.

Special Assembly can be connected directly to all stormwater or sewerage systems, no matter what building code is required. As with all Stormtech drains, the system is fully compliant with a number of building codes, in particular Plumbing Code AS3500. For many years, Stormtech has worked closely with regulators, legislators, end users, trades and distributors to develop problem-solving products. Their experienced team welcomes any questions about product selection and compliance.