Stormtech was the brand of choice for the architects involved in the design of Bondi’s newest luxury development, Pacific Bondi. When it came to specifying grated drainage solutions for the high-end mixed development project, PTW Architects chose Stormtech for its ability to provide the perfect balance of form, function and customisation.  

Located just minutes from the CBD in one of Sydney’s most popular neighbourhoods just across from the iconic Bondi beach, Pacific Bondi takes luxury living to an entirely new level, combining 112 designer residential apartments including 19 penthouses, a boutique hotel offering 69 apartments, and premium retail sites for stores, restaurants and bars, all positioned around a six-level atrium.

Designed by Andrew Andersons of PTW Architects, Pacific Bondi also had three different designers working on the interiors of the project to create three bespoke design schemes that defined a high-end lifestyle destination for buyers.

Stormtech was specified not only on the strength of its reputation as a manufacturer of high quality grated drains but also on the quality of service as well as its ability to adapt various products to meet specific project requirements.

The harsh beachfront environment as well as the expected high traffic demanded grated drains made from 316 marine grade stainless steel to be installed throughout the project including the bathrooms and balconies of the apartments as well as the atrium area. The project presented several challenges for Stormtech: Being a redevelopment of an existing structure, the installers not only had to deal with the old concrete slab but also the new floor zones where the grated drains had to be accommodated. Additionally, only shallow depth grates would suit the existing conditions.

Stormtech’s grated drains were customised into a very narrow and shallow profile to meet the specific tolerances of the project.

Stormtech’s Ti Tile Insert drains were specified for the bathrooms where the design called for linear drains to blend seamlessly with the tiled floor. These drains were required both for the shower as well as underneath the wall hung toilet and vanity basin running the full length of the bathroom. Given that there were multiple designers working across different segments of the project, the requirements were unique for many bathrooms. Stormtech assessed each bathroom before providing the Ti Tile Insert drains in three different styles, ensuring every bathroom had a perfectly matched grated drain.

The linear drains from Stormtech’s TR range were installed in the balconies of all the residential and hotel apartments. Threshold drains with a narrow profile have also been integrated into the sub-sill of the sliding door frames, providing a level entrance with minimal impact on design, and enabling seamless flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Stormtech’s threshold drains were also specified for the atrium of the Pacific Bondi to be installed around the entire perimeter. Surrounded entirely by glass and featuring a courtyard in the middle, the atrium also required drainage in the middle of the structure to drain water from the courtyard. For this application, Stormtech made changes to its manufacturing process to design and produce a drainage solution to fit the varying depths of the space.

The technical support that could be provided by Stormtech personnel during the execution of the project           was also one of the reasons the brand was a preferred choice for the architects. Stormtech staff were involved in the work from the beginning of the development all the way to completion, allowing the entire project to run smoothly and hassle-free.