With the ongoing rise in urban living, the desire for outdoor living spaces that are practical and comfortable remains at the top of home buyers’ and renovators’ wishlists.

From apartments and townhouses to semi-detached dwellings and statement homes, creating a sense of space with sliding and cantilevered doors that lead to a balcony, patio or deck transforms a home into an indoor/outdoor haven.

When planning the transition from inside to outside, safety and effective water drainage should be at the top of the list, says Troy Creighton from linear drainage expert, Stormtech. “Bulky tracks and drainage can be a trip hazard and affect the overall aesthetic of a home’s design. Insufficient drainage can also cause rain to pool around doorways, with the potential for water to enter the home. Homeowners need to talk through this detail with their builder in the planning stage, avoiding the inconvenience and expense of digging up the floor to retrofit efficient drainage if problems arise down the track.”

“Selecting a narrow profile threshold drainage solution provides a level entrance to most doors and effectively clears rain water, while also complementing the overall doorway design.  It’s a seamless transition that looks good, comes in a range of styles, and is importantly level underfoot for better safety,” adds Creighton. 

To complement a seamless threshold, the use of standard linear drains at the outer edge or across a balcony, can assist with water flow and provide a sleek, designer finish to an outdoor space.

Stormtech offers architectural grates to custom lengths and colours, ready to combine with specialty threshold drain units, to suit any specific requirements. 

“As an added tip, consider the unique design concerns or waterproofing requirements for your location,” says Creighton.  “For example, homes in coastal areas require marine grade stainless steel building materials, including linear grates, to prevent exposed surfaces from deteriorating or becoming unsightly.”

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