A new whitepaper, commissioned by the original linear drain manufacturer Stormtech, has recently been released. The whitepaper examines the current trends in bathroom design and explores how innovation and practical design encourages those trends to become something less temporal and more of a fixed statement.

Bathrooms may not be where the majority of anyone’s time is spent, but they do adopt a particularly important role within our homes with their baseline purposes of hygiene and waste management. This has been recognised by the industry, which has shifted its focus towards the development of products that place equal weighting on functionality and aesthetics.

Form and function: current trends in bathroom design examines a variety of the industry’s current concerns, and how they are reflected in the products currently being produced. These issues include sustainable design, healthy living, comfort and personalisation, digital and technological integration, as well as reducing maintenance requirements.

By tackling these issues, current products are tapping into an area of development that moves past innovation for its own sake – instead creating long-term value for clients.

The whitepaper goes on to examine the appeal of a number of different established and emerging product areas, breaking down the reasons for their popularity in the current (and likely future) market.

The whitepaper is free to download. To find out more about the current trends of bathroom design and why they’ll be here to stay, click here to download Form and function: current trends in bathroom design.