The bathroom, and specifically the shower, is often thought of as the most important space to ensure good drainage. However, there are many other spaces that require consideration in relation to adequate drainage. The main function of a drain is to guide water toward a point of egress. Failure to do this can lead to water pooling, moisture build up, and potential hazards. Whether within our homes or without, lack of proper drainage can lead to personal and community-wide hazards or disasters. So where do architects and specifiers start when designing drainage solutions for their project?

Architectural linear drain experts, Stormtech, have released a new whitepaper aimed at architects and specifiers trying to select the right drainage option for their project. Drainage selection guide: 15 common application areas examines an extensive range of drainage application areas, detailing the potential problems and solutions these areas face.

The paper breaks up the 15-different potential drainage application areas into clear sections, and highlights the importance of ensuring proper drainage in each area. In each section, potential safety hazards, installation shortfalls, and area-specific challenges are identified. The paper goes on to explain how in most cases, Stormtech’s linear drainage systems offer the best solution to these problems.

The whitepaper is free to download and is an absolute must-read for architects and specifiers engaging in projects that require any form of wet area drainage solution.

To find out more about common application areas for drainage solutions and how to identify the best drainage system for your project, download Drainage selection guide: 15 common application areas.