The design of a commercial facility’s exterior is as important as the interiors. Customers visiting a business office will definitely be impressed with a professionally designed outdoor area, which will also boost their confidence in the company. Tastefully designed hardscaping features not only improve the business presence of the company by increasing the aesthetic appeal but also serve a practical purpose for using the property.

Key benefits of commercial hardscaping:

Navigating large properties can be difficult; however, features such as walkways and low-set walls make a clear path for customers to follow and reach their destination.

Hardscaping features can be used to create exclusive areas, restricted only to employees; walls and gates that blend with the overall property design are ideal for the purpose.

Commercial properties with undulations can cover up patchy or uneven sections of the lawn or ground cover using multilevel patios and flower beds.

Strategically placed walls can help to insulate the main building from the hot summer sun or cold winter winds.

Paving systems can be installed to handle a high traffic volume while protecting the soil and greenery from damage.

Porous hard surfaces created by using permeable paving solutions will allow the soil to breathe while reducing erosion from water runoff.

There are many solutions for improving the quality of a commercial property but it can become an expensive proposition.

StoneSet Permeable Paving provides a viable solution for hard surfaces using natural stone products from local quarries to help reduce costs. Additional savings can be achieved with the installation being far less labour intensive than it is for concrete and paver stones.

StoneSet permeable paving systems come with a 10-year guarantee and clean up easily with a power washer.