Architects, builders and specifiers are constantly under pressure to select building products that not only meet the required standards but also ensure safety for users. Modern residential, commercial and healthcare construction demands safe and stylish surfaces to be delivered in challenging wet areas such as bathrooms, pools and balconies, avoiding potential trip and slip hazards.

Drainage solutions play an important role in ensuring accessibility, safety and ease-of-mobility in commercial and residential facilities as slippery, uneven floor surfaces and step-downs present dangerous hazard zones for residents.

Stainless Steel Drainage and Civil Solutions (SSDC) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality building and plumbing products that are compliant with technical specifications and standards; are easy to install; and ensure safety, durability and cost-effectiveness.

SSDC’s linear or strip drainage systems are made from stainless steel, eliminate step-down thresholds and offer simple installation. These three elements combine to meet compliance requirements and safety objectives in modern construction.

The stainless steel construction of SSDC’s surface drainage solutions offers resistance to high corrosion as well as extreme temperatures while providing ease of fabrication, strength, aesthetic appeal and impressive hygienic properties. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, the drainage solutions add value in terms of aesthetics as well as functionality.

The threshold-free concept of SSDC’s surface drainage solutions ensures a level-plane drainage design, eliminating the hazards of step-down thresholds and providing a safe level surface across entrances. This design offers seamless access for residents and staff in bathrooms, and from indoor to outdoor living areas.

Available in standard as well as made-to-measure lengths to suit any project, the surface drainage systems assure ease of installation, helping reduce construction time and costs.

SSDC’s range of floor waste products can be used in any wet area within residential and commercial projects, including bathrooms, balconies and pools, blending cutting edge technology with today’s need for aesthetic, safe and functional indoor and outdoor drainage solutions.

The Australian made surface drainage systems are certified and conform to: Technical Specification for Plumbing and Drainage Products – waste pipe connection outlets and gratings separate or integral ATS5200.040-2005.

Image: The threshold-free concept of SSDC’s surface drainage solutions ensures a level-plane drainage design