IBM Retail Store Solutions are market specialists in the point-of-sale (POS) market. However, IBM with their extensive network of distributors and business partners, are unable to offer a total kiosk offering to rival competitor products.

IBM sought to develop a relationship with a design-led technology company with whom they were able to integrate their hardware. The aim of developing this relationship is to:

  • Increase the potential offerings to the end customer to offer and range of configurations.
  • Allow distributors and partners to integrate non IBM components to provide the required solution in an all-in-one enclosure.
  • Increase opportunities with customers not within the POS space.
  • No longer have to rely on American model kiosks.

The requirement was to find a suitable partner to work with IBM and develop a strategy to offer a complete product to existing and new markets.

Sprocket Kiosks  have announced the strategic Alliance between IBM Retail Store Solutions as a key strategic technology partner. This partnership allows both Sprocket Kiosks and IBM to leverage off each others strengths by providing state of the art functionality by integrating the IBM Anyplace Kiosk into a range of uniquely custom designed chassis to cater to the market need.

Some of Sprocket Kiosks and IBM’s joint projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Coles - Bill Express Payment Terminals
  • Australian Open information Kiosks
  • Royal Agriculture Society of NSW Kiosks
  • Tabcorp Casino Customer Loyalty Kiosks
  • Britax - Retail Information Kiosks
  • Self-Check Out Library Kiosks