Western Australian based company, Sports Surfaces , is an exclusive agent for Plexipave, an acrylic multi purpose coating system that is ideal for use on surfaces used for sports such as tennis, in-line hockey, netball, basketball, and on skate board parks grounds.

Available in a range of colours, Plexipave acrylic coating systems can be applied over asphalt or concrete surfaces to protect them against material breakdown and deterioration and extend the longevity of the sports court.
Requiring no bagging or rolling, Plexipave acrylic coating systems are waterproof and dry quickly after rain to allow play on the court to resume quickly and safely. Furthermore, this sports surface provides ideal traction to ensure no slips occur, and the anti-glare qualities increases visibility for players.

Plexipave acrylic coating systems allow players to maintain constant speed and offer true reaction to bounce and spin. They also minimise wear on balls and shoes.

Plexipave acrylic coating systems will not become brittle or crack and offer flexibility over many years. They can also be renewed without having to remove the old surface.