A well-designed roof provides a protective cover for your home throughout the year. However, even the tiniest leak in the roof can be the start of a series of problems if it’s not fixed immediately. A leaking roof can lead to structural safety issues and also damage your health.

Roof leak damage can be widespread

Ageing, lack of maintenance, extreme weather conditions or just general wear and tear are some of the reasons that lead to a leaking roof. A roof leak will typically damage the immediate areas such as the ceiling, roof space and attic, which may affect anything stored in the space. Roof leaks may also be observed in one spot but the water may have entered from a completely different point in the roof.

Once the water begins entering your roof, it can travel from the entry point to other areas in the roof causing widespread structural damage. When this leak enters your electrical circuit, it can be hazardous to all the residents in the building, potentially causing electrocution or electrical fires. Over a period of time, the water leak will grow and seep into your walls, damaging the paintwork. Unless treated immediately, water leaks can lead to costly repair bills.

Health risk from mould

Water leaks in the roof will not only weaken your home’s overall structure but also lead to problems such as mould and mildew, which can cause respiratory illnesses in the residents. Damp and mouldy environments in a dwelling can compromise your health by triggering respiratory issues and infections, and further impact those living with asthma or allergy conditions.

Addressing water leaks

Water leaks can be treated and stopped to prevent these structural and health issues. The important thing to remember is that action should be taken immediately as soon as you see the indications of a water leak.

To begin with, find the cause and source of the leak so that you can stop the problem from getting worse. If your home has skylights, check if the leak is caused by improper installation or damage. If the skylight is the cause of the problem, it is best to consider a skylight replacement or maybe even a new skylight installation

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