Natural light is the best way to brighten up a home’s interiors. A naturally well-lit home feels more cheerful, colourful, fresh and healthy than one that depends on artificial lighting even during the day. However, it’s not always possible for every room in the house to have a window or the right direction that would maximise the entry of natural light.

The best way to transform a dark or dull home is to use a daylighting system that will flood your interior spaces with beautiful daylight.


Kitchens are often designed as a place where the entire family gathers to spend some quality time together over a meal. Given the amount of time spent in the kitchen, the addition of daylight to the family space would make the experience even more enjoyable. Utilising a natural daylighting system in the kitchen area will not only naturally enhance the beauty of the space but also reduce energy consumption.



A bathroom is a personal space, and often a place to escape to for some tranquillity. Lighting in bathrooms is frequently overlooked, creating a dark and dank environment. However, this can be addressed by installing a single daylighting system with integrated ventilation. This all-in-one daylighting system will not only bring natural daylight into your space but also keep the bathroom free of humidity.



Design compulsions can sometimes leave hallways dark and gloomy; this can be remedied with the addition of natural daylight using a daylighting system. Install one to ensure all of the cherished family photos or artworks that line the walls of your hallway can be enjoyed and appreciated.

Additionally, there’s a solution for lighting up your hallway even at night without resorting to bright lights that can be disturbing to other occupants in the house. A dark hallway is a trip hazard but with the Solar NightLight System from Solatube Australia, you can ensure a soft glow after dark to illuminate your path. A simple charge during the day will allow the integrated skylight/nightlight to provide mellow lighting at night.


Laundry Rooms

Another area that often gets missed out in lighting design plans is the laundry room. The installation of even the smallest standard skylight model will bring in plenty of daylight to brighten the dull, poorly-lit space. In addition to saving you the hassle of operating the light switch with a basketful of clothes in your arms, you will also be saving more on your electricity bills.


Living Rooms

Living rooms are spaces where the family spends a lot of time together, watches television and entertains friends. Considering the high use of the space, energy consumption will also be correspondingly excessive and expensive. Install natural daylighting to brighten up your living room and save on your energy bills.

Living room

There are several ways to use the power of daylight in your home. Harnessing the power of sunlight doesn’t mean you need to experience brightness all day. If you are looking to dim the lights, kick back and take a nap or watch a movie during the day, use Solatube’s Daylight Control System to manage the light levels. You can switch from vibrant sunlight to complete darkness (and anywhere in-between) at the touch of a button.

Bring that beautiful daylight into every room in your home and let the power of natural lighting enhance your home and living experience. Consult with Solatube Australia for guidance in choosing the right natural daylighting system for your space and needs.