A custom carpet designed by Signature Studio for the Gateway Business Lounge in The Rocks, Sydney took inspiration from the local setting and vernacular to meet the interior designer’s brief.

The design studio, Hot Black collaborated with Signature Studio to design a custom carpet based on a brief that sought to explore the contour lines and organic rock formations of sandstone (from which The Rocks derives its name), and convey how the material can morph and change over time. The design needed to be subtle, calming with muted tonal sections while also showcasing pockets of visual excitement.

Having worked with Signature Floors on past projects, Hot Black knew of the studio’s capabilities in creative and custom designs.

The final design showcases a combination of digital painting and collage techniques, and then blending and layering these different patterns, motifs and textures to create a sprawling, non-repeating placement style floor covering.

“The brief was met quite well as we received a few options to choose from. The client also loved looking at the rendered options and choosing from them. Overall, our experience was one of ease. We felt we could trust the Studio team with the design and delivery, and the quality of work was amazing,” said Despina Carpis, interior designer, Hot Black.

Photos: Hot Black